Something's Afoot Reflexology

Something's Afoot Reflexology

​​​​​Welcome.   My name is Terri Lepore.  I am the mother of three, a registered nurse and a certified reflexologist.   I have always had a fascination for what makes the body tick and a passion to help and take care of others.

​I have worked as an Operating Room Nurse for 30 plus years and have seen people in all states of disease, whether it be from a traumatic injury or a long standing illness.  In many cases I have found myself wondering - how did they (the patient) get to this stage.  Couldn't something else have been done to prevent surgery or a hospitalization?  I kept thinking that there was something more we have to do as healthcare advocates to educate and hopefully prevent certain illnesses.  Also, wasn't there an alternative to all the medication that was being prescribed?

​Due to recent changes in healthcare and some issues my son was having, I found myself gravitating to more holistic approaches.  I became certified in Reiki (Level 2) and then found out about this wonderful modality called Reflexology.  The more I learned about it, the more I knew I wanted to share this with others.  I decided to become certified and start practicing.

​Practicing Reflexology allows me to still take care of others and allows me to educate you on how to take care of yourself.  My goal is your health, from your feet on up!

​About Me

​Mission Statement

​At Something's Afoot Reflexology, we provide a holistic approach to getting your body back in balance and out of the state of DIS-EASE. Our clients consist of individuals, organizations and healthcare facilities in Upper Bucks and Montgomery Counties.  We are dedicated to improving the health of our community one foot at a time.

​​​Something is definitely afoot!  Anxiety, digestive issues, back pain, hormonal issues, headaches, sinus problems, and sleep disorders are just a few of the maladies that affect so many of us. This is because most of us live in a constant state of stress.

Work, family, finances, environmental toxins, diet, injury, illness, relationships etc... can all take a toll on us.  Day after day our stress levels build up and this stress gets stored in our bodies which can affect different organs and body systems.

Luckily there is something that can be done and something that can be worked on that will relax you so your body can rebalance itself.  That something is - A Foot!  Well  -  feet actually, and the something I can do for you is called reflexology.